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"delivery at the forefront of change"
"delivery at the forefront of change"

What is Change Management?

Change management is the application of a structured process and tools to enable individuals or groups to transition from a current state to a future state to achieve a desired outcome.
Zig Ziglar

Definition of a Project

  • Temporary endeavor with a beginning and an end
  • Creates a unique product, service or result
  • Done for a purpose
  • Has interrelated activities
  • Is progressively elaborated – distinguishing characteristics of each unique project will be progressively detailed as the project is better understood
Aggregating, Collating and Curating IT, Project and Change Management

Aggregating, Collating and Curating IT, Project and Change Management content.

Hand-in-hand, helping in our communities.  Kids Against Hunger - Bay Area our 2014 project.
FDA teams with Donate Life California
2015 dash to save lives.

PROJECT INTEGRAL CHANGE MANAGEMENT      "a unified value proposition"       

L. Barry Chafin, Principal/Senior Consultant/Project Manager - LinkedIn Profile

"Most projects that fail, do so not because of the complexity of technology, but rather a lack of sufficient change management. All too often the organization fails to understand the impact of a project on their business/mission in sufficient detail to manage the risk inherent with the change.  As important as alignment of schedule, budget, and scope is to successfully managing a project, so is the organization of people, process and technology to define and manage the expected outcomes of the change."

L. Barry Chafin, Principal/Senior Consultant/Project Manager




  • Productivity declines
  • Passive resistance escalates
  • Projects are not fully implemented or are cancelled altogether
  • Active resistance emerges and sabotages the change
  • Valued employees leave the organization
  • Morale deteriorates
  • Projects go over budget and past their deadlines
  • People are left to wonder why the change is happening
  • Employees find work-arounds to avoid implementing the new way of doing things or revert to the old way
  • Divides are created in the organization between ‘us’ and ‘them’
  • The organization builds a history of failed and painful changes

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